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University Application Support

UniPrepare offers university application support services aimed at maximising your chances of getting into your dream university. Access university application support from our team of experts.

Online Courses

Access our on-demand online courses on applying to UK and US universities, which guide you through the entire process.

Tailored Support

Get comprehensive, tailored support on every aspect of your university application from a team of extraordinary experts and academic minds.

Support Packages

We support students with components of their university applications, such as personal statements, admissions tests and interviews.


Get into your dream university.

All our services are aimed at preparing you for university, and maximising your chances of getting accepted into your dream university. Our subject specific and university application support is aimed at 15 – 18 year olds who want to apply to Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities, Ivy League and other top universities.
We work with the best University Guidance Counsellors, Mentors and Tutors
Work on all aspects of your applications, including personal statements, interviews and more
Access on-demand course content on UK and US university application processes
All are support is offered online and is therefore accessible to students all over the world

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Your Journey to University in 6 Simple Steps

We have broken down your journey to university in six simple steps. Demonstrating a passion for your subject is crucial to all top universities, so we recommend all students join our weekly tutorial sessions. All other components of our service are optional and may be purchased separately as well.

Step 1: Get Counselling On Your Choices

Do an aptitude test and get course and university choice advice from an experienced Guidance Counsellor, then choose your course and target university.

Step 2: Explore Your Subject

Build evidence of wider reading and subject exploration through private or group tutoring by a world class tutor.

Step 3: Write Your Personal Statement

Write a strong personal statement, demonstrating you are passionate about and well-read on your subject, and get it reviewed by our team of experts.

Step 4: Prepare Your Applications

Plan and prepare your UK, US or European university applications with the help of our team of experts to maximise your chances of success.

Step 5: Prepare For Admissions Test

Our team of experts have extensive experience in preparing students for the challenging admissions tests required for some universities.

Step 6: Admissions Interview Preparation

We help you prepare for the challenging admissions interviews required by some courses and universities through mock interviews.

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Support that fits

Need help with something specific? We offer a range of distinct university application support packages for everything from personal guidance and personal statements to admissions tests and interview preparation.