Choosing The Right University For You

Choosing The Right University 

The first (and perhaps most important) step in your university application process is choosing your university options. While most universities offer similar subjects, different universities may offer specific modules or dual degrees that may be more in line with your field of interest or chosen career path. It’s also worth considering the location of each university and how this might make your university experience better or in some cases, worse. We’ve put together 5 key points for consideration when it comes to choosing the right university. 

Make sure you have chosen the right course

Before making any firm decisions on your university options, make sure you have chosen the right course first. We recommend you do this by first deciding on your end goal and working backwards.

Consider the question: In ten years time, what do I want this degree to have led me to? 

Some people may choose one degree that will eventually lead them to one career path, while others look for a degree that will open up doors for many different careers within a given field. 

Consider if the course you are choosing will help you to achieve your long term goal. 

Check university rankings

University rankings can give you a broader understanding of what to expect when studying at your chosen university. Some useful information to look at is staff-student ratios, as this provides an indication of how much-personalized instruction and support you might get on your chosen course. 

Check out the university facilities

Most universities these days have a range of modern facilities, but it’s still a good idea to take a closer look at the different facilities each university has on offer and how this might improve your university experience. For example, does your university have the following facilities on site: 

  • A well equipped 24/7 library?
  • A modern and fully furnished gym?
  • A good cafeteria or on site coffee shop with good reviews? 

Consider what facilities might be important to you and what you would be keen on having access to in the next few years. 

Social life and events

It’s no secret that making strong friendships and enjoying student life is the essence of a good university experience, so it’s a good idea to consider what social events and opportunities your choices have on offer. 

What events does your university have throughout the year that you might want to be a part of? 

These could be fun social events such as student union parties and local quiz nights, or networking events such as literary festivals and open mic nights. 

You might also want to consider the town/city you will be living in and the kind of social and networking activities available on a wider scale outside of the university. 

Don’t forget to check the year-round weather and transport links to see what else you might have access to throughout your degree.

Student accommodation

If you’re opting to move away for university, it’s important to consider your student accommodation options. 

Will you be hoping to stay in the university halls of residence? If so, explore online reviews of the accommodation to understand what life living there may be like and how much it will cost you. 

Alternatively, you might want to explore private rented accommodation close by and consider if this is going to suit your needs better, and if it fits within your budget.